Continental's ModuBlox for FreeGContinental's brand new ModuBlox for FreeG are here!

Freestyle sports are dynamic and exciting, gaining popularity within the UK for providing participants with the ability to express themselves creatively through movement and an incredible range of tricks. To help capture the power and explosive nature of freestyle, British Gymnastics has developed a new club-based activity called FreeG, which comes indoors and introduces a range of freestyle-specific equipment and training techniques to take your trick learning, to a new level.

British Gymnastics Free G

Developed in conjunction with British Gymnastics, ModuBlox are the ideal solution to providing an exciting, challenging but safe environment to teach, learn and practice the club-based gymnastics activity of FreeG which fuses traditional gymnastics and acrobatic techniques with kicks and leaps made famous through martial arts, festival performers and stunt actors.

ModuBlox are manufactured from hi-friction durable panels with a powder coated steel frame. All corners are rounded and bars are rounded for safety.

The ideal safety flooring around the ModuBlox is Continental's Tribond flooring which is now available in "urban black" as well as grey, blue and green.

All ModuBlox installations will be bespoke, but to enable you to budget, we have created four typical layouts and compiled some "standard" sets of equipment - sets 1, 2 3 and 4. Each is 14m long (the length of an artistic sprung floor as many clubs have space down the side of their floor to accommodate a FreeG area) with different widths.

Please take a look at each set to gauge your financial commitment and once you have an idea of what you get for your budget level, please contact us with the dimensions of your space and for a discussion so that we can provide your own bespoke 3D layout drawing and quotation.

You can see the equipment in use in this great video of the 3Run Academy, fully fitted out by Continental with sprung flooring, cusioned flooring, mirrors and barre and of course ModuBlox:

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British Gymnastics Free G Modublox - Set 1

ModuBlox for FreeG - Set 1


Freestyle Gymnastics / "FreeG" - ModuBlox SET 1  

Price from: £10,500.00

British Gymnastics Free G Modublox - Set 2

ModuBlox for FreeG - Set 2


Freestyle Gymnastics / "FreeG" - ModuBlox SET 2 

Price from: £21,000.00

British Gymnastics Free G Modublox - Set 3

ModuBlox for FreeG - Set 3


Freestyle Gymnastics / "FreeG" - ModuBlox SET 3  

Price from: £31,500.00

British Gymnastics Free G Modublox - Set 4

ModuBlox for FreeG - Set 4


Freestyle Gymnastics / "FreeG" - ModuBlox SET 4  

Price from: £42,000.00

Showing 4 products.


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