PE-Belt - removable tumbling / agility belts for use with the PE-Twisting Ring.

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This innovative twisting belt system from PE Redskaber uses a PE-Twisting Ring with removable PE-Belts to allow you to offer a Small, Medium or Large Twisting belt but only requiring the purchase of one ring and a set of interchangeable belts.

The PE-Twisting Ring is one-size to suit all three PE-Belts which are available in 3 sizes to suit different waist sizes:

  • Small (YELLOW): 63 – 73 cm (25" - 29")
  • Medium (RED): 71 – 88 cm (28" - 35")
  • Large (BLUE): 82 – 105 cm (32" - 41")
The PE-Belts are also available in packs of two at a reduced cost:
  • One Small and one Medium PE-Belt
  • One Medium and one Large PE-Belt
PLESE NOTE: These are the PE-Belts only which can be used as somersault / agility belts.  If you want to use them as PE-Twisting belts you need to purchase a separate PE-Twisting Ring
You can see the innovative PE-Twisting Belt System in use in the video below:
PE-Twisting Ring shown with a PE-Belt
PE-Twisting Ring

The NEW PE-Twisting Ring from PE Redskaber. Precision twisting belt with removable harnesses.



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