Agility belt

Agility belt (allows summersaults but not twists) for use with a trampoline spotting rig or with two spotters at floor level

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Padded canvas and woven nylon belt supplied in two sizes. Can be used by two spotters or from spotting rigs.

Available in two sizes:

  • Small - waist 46-66cm (18" - 26")
  • Medium - waist 66-83cm (26" - 33")
  • Large - waist 83-111cm (33 - 44")

This belt permits the user to perform somersaults, but NOT twists.

Please note that the straps shown in the image are used by spotters if the belt is used without a spotting rig and must be purchased as an optional extra. The straps are provided with a spotting rig installation and are not required if purchasing a new or spare belt for an existing rig.

Agility belt / twisting belt straps
Agility belt / twisting belt straps

Swivel and strap to suit an agility belt or twisting belt (EACH)



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