Gymnastic training facility layouts

Gymnastic training facility layout and designContinental Sports helps gymnastics clubs throughout the country to optimise the layout of their training facilities.  When designing gymnastic training facility layouts a huge number of aspects must be considered, from physical dimensions of the gymnastics equipment to the safe run-offs necessary and the clear height needed above the various apparatus.

If you are considering new premises for an existing gym, or an entirely new venture our experienced team would be pleased to visit your proposed new premises with you to undertake a survey and work up a safe layout that provides the opportunities for all the activities you require, whether that is a focus on high performance gymnastics, recreational gymnastics or early years gym and play.

Customers often find it useful to look at other gym layouts for inspiration and we are pleased to set out below a selection of gyms that we have fitted out in recent years.  We have ordered them by descending size of the floor area so you can easily find a comparable size facility to the one you are considering.  If you use these drawings as the basis for a preliminary sketch we would be pleased to work that up as a Computer Aided Design layout.

Benfield Gymnastics Centre 64 36 2304 The largest gymnastics facility ever fitted out by Continental.  A huge facility offering a vast range of equipment for high performanc e and training Benfield Gymnastics Centre
Central Manchester Institute of Gymnastics, Manchester 48 46 2208 A facility for high performance, recreational and early years gymnastics in a converted leisure swimming pool building Central Manchester Institute of Gymnastics
GMAC (Gymnastics and Martial Arts Centre), Birmingham 46 40 1840 A high performance facility including a competition 4-trampoline area, rythmic and artistic floors, pits and bleacher seating GMAC
Dick McTaggart Gymnastics Centre, Dundee 42 37 1554 A comprehensive centre created from a converted old sports hall. To be used as a high performance hub for a number of clubs. Case study with more details available here. McTaggart Gymnastics Training Facility, Dundee
Active Life Centre, Basingstoke 46 31 1426 A venue for training and competition with some structural columns that required coordination with the equipment Active Life Centre
Portsmouth School of Gymnastics 50 28 1400 A bespoke facility with two floor areas and pits Portsmouth Schoool of Gymnastics
Loughborough Gymnastics Centre 46 30 1380 A high performance training centre with bespoke elements to facilitate bio-mechanical analysis of the gymnasts Loughborough Gymnastics Centre
Hartcliffe School of Gymnastics 41 31 1271 This gym features a raised "podium" pit to enable pits to be incorporated without digging underground Hartcliffe School of Gymnastics
Next Dimension Gymnastics Academy 46 23 1058 A women's artistic focussed gym in a converted kitchen showroom. Features an over-sized floor area with rigs above

Next Dimension Gymnastics Academy

Bellahouston Gymnastics Centre 37 26 962 A multi-purpose facility with pits Bellahouston Gymnastics Centre
Woodlands School Sports Hall 43 22 946 A facility combining a school sports hall with a gymnastics facility.  Some areas are permanently for gymnastics (i.e. pits and travelling rig) and others utilise the sports hall which forms part of the space Woodlands School
Hamble Community School / Dynamo Gym Club 35 25 875 A fully equipped compact facility with all necessary equipment.  An ideal "standard" facility Dynamo Gymnastics Club
Salford Gymnastics Centre 32 27 864 This facility uses half of a 6-badminton court sports hall for a permanent gymnastics training facility Salford Gymnastics Club
Midlothian Gymnastics Academy 32 26 832 A comprehensive facility with a full provision of gymnastics kit Midlothian Gymnastics Academy
Hinckley Gymnastics Club 41 20 820 Designed from the outset for two purposes with two different layouts: (i) training centre, (ii) competition venue

Hinckley Gymnastics Club - TRAINING LAYOUT
Hinckley Gymnastics Club - COMPETITION LAYOUT

Bury Gymnastics Club 30 27 810 One facility over two rooms.  This is a temporary facility without pits Bury Gymnastics Club
Thomas Tallis School 35 23 805 Due for installation Summer 2011 this training facility is on the second floor of a school building but pits are still installed as they were planned at a very early stage Thomas Tallis School
Crawley "K2" Leisure Centre 36 21 756 A general recreational gymnastics centre within a large leisure centre Crawley K2 Leisure Centre
Huntingdon Olympic Gymnastics Club 50 15 750 A high performance and recreational gym centre in an unusually long, thin room - the shape of which certainly hasn't hindered the performance of its gymnasts Huntingdon Olympic Gymnastics Club
Rotherham School of Gymnastics 31 24 744 A compact facility with pits and a recreational area Rotherham School of Gymnastics
University of East Anglia Sportpark 38 19 722 Due for installation Summer 2011 this compact facilty has pits and two sunken trampolines University of East Anglia Sportpark
Hillingdon Leisure Centre 36 18 648 A bespoke facility which fits in an area similar to the size of a standard sports hall Hillingdon Leisure Centre
Talacre Gymnastics Centre 33 18 594 This facility is exactly the same size as a 4-badminton court sports hall - providing an ideal example of what can fit in a re-purposed sports hall space Talacre Gymnastics Centre
Middlesborough College 31 18 558 An extremely busy facilty designed to suit a non-rectangular room Middlesbrough College
Gloucester Leisure Centre, "GL1" 32 17 544 This facility fits neatly inside a 4-badminton court sports hall space GL1 Lesiure Centre, Gloucester
Alfreton Leisure Centre 40 12 480 A long, thin room which isn't large enough for an artistic floor area Alfreton Leisure Centre
Auchterarder Gymnastics Club 24 19 456 Part of a school's sports facilities, this is a small but perfectly formed gymnastics training facility Auchterarder Gymnastics Club
Leatherhead & Dorking Gymnastics Club 25 15 375 An extension to an existing faclity to provide a floor area and bars - no pits Leatherhead & Dorking Gymnastics Club
Dorchester YMCA Gym Club 25 12 300 An extension to an existing facility providing a floor area and other equipment including a dismoutn pit from floor and trampoline Dorchester YMCA Gym Club

Gymnastics facility layouts

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Dick McTaggart Gymnastics Centre, Dundee

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Benfield gymnastics centre, Newcastle upon Tyne

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Central Manchester Institute of Gymnastics, Manchester

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GMAC, Birmingham

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Active Life Centre, Basingstoke

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Portsmouth School of Gymnastics, Portsmouth

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Loughborough Gymnastics Centre, Loughborough

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Hartcliffe School of Gymnastics, Bristol

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Belahouston Gymnastics Centre, Glasgow

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Woodlands School, Coventry

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Dynamo Gymnastics Club, Hamble

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Salford Gymnastics Centre, Salford

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Midlothian Gymnastics Academy, Lasswade

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Hinckley Gymnastics Club, Leicester - TRAINING LAYOUT

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Hinckley Gymnastics Club, Leicester - COMPETITION LAYOUT

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Bury Gymnastics Club, Bury

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Thomas Tallis School, Greenwich

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K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley

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Huntingdon Olympic Gymnastic Club, Huntingdon

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Rotherham School of Gymnastics, Rotherham

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University of East Anglia, Norwich

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Hillingdon Leisure Centre, London

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Talacre Gymnastics Centre, London

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Middlesbrough College, Middlesbrough

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GL1 Leisure Centre, Gloucester

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Alfreton Leisure Centre, Derbyshire

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Auchterarder Gymnastics Centre, Auchterarder

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Leatherhead & Dorking Leisure Centre, Leatherhead

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Dorchester YMCA, Dorchester

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NDGA, Tunbridge Wells