Beam plank

Suedette upholstered, cushioned floor training beam. 2.4m (8') long x 100mm (4") wide

Product Reference : 01286N01AA

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The new Beam Plank from Continental is a perfect way to practice beam exercise fundamentals such as balance and poise and as part of a progression for learning and practising more difficult moves at floor level before trying them out on full size beams.

The Beam Plank features a solid timber core 30mm thick with two layers of cushioning on top and is upholstered in the same suedette material we use on our FIG approved competition beam.  The sensation the gymnast feels using the beam plank is therefore far superior to floor training beams made from foam.  The realistic competition beam experience and "feel" from this simple training aide is incredible!

Underneath, the beam plank has a latex base to provide grip on hard surfaces and Velcro at both ends to enable it to secure firmly to gymnastics carpet if used on carpet matting such as a Continental artistic sprung floor area.

These training aides are ideal for a class exercise to enable a group of girls to practice together, or for individual use at home to improve skills between trips to the gym!

The Beam Plank makes an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for the young aspiring gymnast to use at home!

The Beam Plank is 2.4m (8') long and 100mm (4") wide - the same width as a competition beam.

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