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Rebound therapy rooms - every one is different


Continental is appointed to fit out increasing numbers of rebound therapy rooms in schools across the country. We have more experience of fitting out these rooms than any other company in the UK and we would be delighted to give you the benefit of our knowledge, experience and expertise.

We have fitted out a wide range of rooms from bespoke rooms in new builds with recesses built into the room, to the construction of raised podiums and padded stud walling to accomodate a rebound therapy room in dis-used areas of classrooms or school halls.

What is rebound therapy?

Rebound Therapy describes a specific methodology, assessment and programme of use of trampolines to provide opportunities for enhanced movement patterns, therapeutic positioning, exercise and recreation for a wide range of users with additional needs.

Increasingly important in SEN schools and for rehabilitation, bespoke rebound therapy rooms can be a favourite room for children in any new school.

What is involved in fitting out a rebound therapy room?

The main elements of a rebound therapy room are:

  • The trampoline
  • A pit or podium for the trampoline
  • Wall padding
  • Floor padding
  • Access to the trampoline
  • Harnesses / hoists
  • Accessories (parachutes, inflatables, toys and games)

Continental manufactures trampolines, wall padding, podiums and cushioned flooring and is therefore ideally placed to provide a complete fit-out service for your rebound therapy room.

What type of trampoline is installed?

There are two options for the type of trampoline:

  • Standard trampoline - normally a 77 size trampoline but sometimes a larger 99 size
  • Bespoke trampoline - a bespoke solution to suit the size of your room. Normally used in rooms that cannot accomodate a 77 size trampoline. We install a special metal frame fixed to the walls of a recess.  But please be aware that the absolute minimum size of bed for a recessed trampoline approved by the Rebound Therapy Organisation is 2,900mm x 1,300mm which requires an absolute minimum pit size of 3,510mm x 1,910mm x 750mm.

What does a rebound therapy room look like?

These rooms are typically small (so difficult to photograph!) but some examples of rooms we have fitted out are shown below: 

Large 99 series trampoline with blue Tribond flooring and wall padding and contrasting yellow coverall padding   Single-colour small bespoke trampoline with blue Tribond flooring, wall padding and coverall padding
Standard recessed 77 trampoline with bright contrasting PVC matted flooring, wall padding and coverall padding   Special size bespoke trampoline with UltraMesh bed, jade green wall padding incorporating netting viewing windows and contrasting white coverall padding
Standard recessed 77 trampoline with green Tribond flooring and contrasting blue wall padding and red coverall padding   Standard 77 size standard trampoline in a raised above-ground podium pit with wall padding and Tribond flooring

Pale coloured padding around a recessed bespoke trampoline with UltraMesh

  Recessed 77 trampoline in the centre of a room with no requirement for wall padding 
This raised podium installed by Continental in an existing room that couldn't have a recess for the trampoline included padded balustrades and cushioned foam steps.

I am interested in a Rebound Therapy room for my facility. What do I do next? 

There is additional information available in the rebound therapy section of our website. The best thing to do is to speak to a sales advisor at Continental who would be pleased to discuss your project from a technical perspective to ensure the room works for Rebound Therapy and who would then be pleased to prepare a detailed quotation for your needs. 

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