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University of Huddersfield Sports Hall


Continental Sports is proud to have been selected to provide the sports equipment to a new sports hall building recently completed at Huddersfield University.

The facility is less than a mile from Continental's factory and offices and we are delighted to fit out such a prestigious new facility so close to home.

Voted "Times Higher Education University of the Year" in 2013, Huddersfield University has been upgrading its buildings and facilities for several years, and this new sports facility offers its students and faculty the ability to offer recreational and competitive sports at the highest of levels.

A joint Continental / Schelde project, we have again been able to demonstrate the value of our ability to provide a tailored package solution to deliver exactly the right standard of sports equipment for the end users' needs.

The building hosts an 8-badminton court size hall with retractable bleacher seating on two sides.

From an early stage (before the Main Contract was put out to tender) we worked with the University's sports faculty to identify exactly what sports they wanted to make provision for, and also what level of play they wanted to make available.

Huddersfield University Sports Hall socketed badminton posts in play

We identified the following key considerations at an early stage:

  • basketball is a key offering with the necessity to offer goals suitable for high level play
  • all gamesposts were to be socketed to eliminate traditional bases on any of the equipment
  • Futsal / Handball was to be offered but the FM team needed to be able to offer a quick changeover period 
  • the hall would be divided most of the time to allow simultaneous usage by the University and the Community
  • a large number of sports need to be played and co-ordinated around some 60 removable bushing covers to provide 60 sockets and anchors.
 Our solutions were:
  • Basketball: We supplied and installed two pairs of Schelde FIBA Level 2 roof mounted electrically operated basketball goals with glass backboards and 180 degree Pro-Action rings were installed on the two full size "practice" courts. To offer basketball to the community, these goals were installed with the optional electrically operated height adjustment facility to enable the boards to be lowered to junior height. We supplied and installed two PRO 7020 electronic scoreboards with individual player foul modules. As a show-court solution, we supplied a pair of portable Schelde Super SAM 245 goals complete with shot clocks.
  • Gamesposts: As the sports hall is built on "stilts" with car parking underneath, the sockets for various gamesposts needed to be accomodated under the slab. As we were involved at an early stage then the necessary suspended sockets were able to be installed as the building was built meaning the deep sockets could all be easily accomodated. Gamesposts we supplied included: 8 pairs of Continental socketed badminton posts and storage bases, 2 pairs of Schelde Collegiate 2000 volleyball posts with referee stands, 2 pairs of socketed netball posts and two pairs of five a side goals with wall anchors
  • Futsal / handball: to enable the quick changeover to and from futsal / handball to other sports, the University specified two pairs of wall mounted electrically hoistable futsal goals. These enable FM staff to press a button to lift the goals from the play position up onto the walls at the end of the courts at a safe height to enable other sports to be played.
  • Hall division: we supplied and installed a run of removable rebound screens in a bespoke grey colour to enable division of the hall. A coincident division net can be drawn above those rebound screens to prevent projectiles transferring between the two halves of the hall.
  • Continental took responsibility for the layout and coordination of all sockets, anchors, sports equipment and line marking drawings off the builder and architect, and we line marked and sealed the Junckers sports floor.

Continental are delighted that such a prestigious venue on our doorstep has selected Continental to provide equipment that would meet the standards of sporting excellence that were necessary for this facility.

Two pairs of wall mounted hoistable futsal / handball goals were installed to enable a quick changeover between sports.  The image above shows the goals in the play position.

The hoistable futsal / handball goals lift at the press of a button on electric winches up onto the wall so that the underside is clear of the Sport England guidance on clear walls.

Eight pairs of our socketed badminton posts were installed, powder coated in white to suit the colour scheme. These drop into sockets in the floor covered by removable wood and brass bushing covers. These posts are much safer and less obtrusive than traditional posts with bases and allow the necessary net tension to achieve regulation net height.

The show basketball court uses a pair of Schelde Super SAM 245 with shot-clocks mounted on the boom that work in conjunction with the PRO 7020 wall mounted electronic scoreboards.

The hall is divided into two spaces so that the University and Community can use the hall simultaneously, or for recreational play and formal coaching on the two sides. Continental's lightweight removable rebound screens in a bespoke grey colour were installed - we offer a range of 20+ colours to suit your design scheme.

The hall has been extremely well received by staff, students and the wider community. The FM team have quickly learnt how to set up and use the equipment following training by Continental staff.

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