• How can I pay?

    We accept all major credit and debit cards. You simply register an account on our site and pay with your card at checkout.  Alternatively if you are an institution such as a school, college, gymnastics club, leisure centre or similar you can charge items to your credit account with us.

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  • Can I have a credit account?

    If you have already purchased from Continental in the past you most likely already have a credit account set up. When you register on our website you have the option to charge items to your account. The first time you make a charge to your account you will be asked for your account number. This is available on an invoice or Sales Order Acknowledgement from Continental, or please call us to ask for yours. If you haven’t purchased from Continental before, you can set up a credit account online if you select that option at the checkout.

    If you register online and you already have a credit account with Continental, we will add that account to your profile within 2 to 3 days of you registering so that next time you log in you can buy and charge items to your account. 

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  • What is my credit limit?

    We do not apply a credit limit online. When we receive an order that you have asked to charge to your account, the order will be pending until we authorise it. We will decide whether we can offer the credit you require and either accept the order (you will receive an email confirming our acceptance) or contact you to agree payment terms.

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  • When do I have to pay for items on my credit account?

    After we ship the goods we will send an invoice in the post in just the same way we do when you purchase by fax or letter.  This invoice will require payment in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Sale which is within 30 days of the invoice date.  You can send us a cheque, make an online payment or phone us to use a debit card to pay any invoice.

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  • When will my goods be shipped?

    This depends on the items you are buying. We manufacture many of our products to order and others we manufacture in batches over a 4-6 week cycle. Therefore a typical lead time for items ordered from us will be a few days to up to 4-6 weeks. Certain larger items such as trampolines, some fitness equipment and climbing frames may take longer. When we receive your order you will receive an email confirming that we have accepted it and confirming an approximate shipping date. At that time if you have any concerns regarding the estimated date (such as the item being needed for a specific day) please contact us and we will try to help.

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  • How will my goods be shipped?

    We sell a huge range of different shape, size and weight of goods. We therefore need to use a combination of shipping methods which include ParcelForce from the Royal Mail, Neightfreight Carriers and our own vehicles. The exact way we ship your goods will depend on the package of items you order and we will contact you to confirm shipping.

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  • What will shipping cost?

    This depends on a combination of where the delivery address is and the type of goods you have ordered and the overall value of the goods. Many items qualify for free delivery. You will be told the delivery charge for the goods before you commit to placing your order.

    If your products don't qualify for free delivery then we have a simple fixed charge of £25 + VAT for delivery regardless of order size.  Therefore the more you order, the lower is the percentage we charge for carriage.

    For items requiring installation by our technicians we make an "Area Charge" based on your distance from our factory.  This will be calculated and added to your basket at checkout.

    You will always be informed of the total delivery cost of your order before you have to commit to your purchase.

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  • Does the cost include installation?

    We sell a combination of “portable” items that do not need installation and “fixed” items that must be installed by our engineers, and some other items that require self-assembly and sometimes self-installation. The description of the goods will explain whether installation is included and what installation is required by the customer. For some items (such as electronic scoreboards) you can add installation to your basket as an extra “product” otherwise we will just supply the item. For some items such as fitness and strength training equipment, our prices include delivery, installation and commissioning by our engineers at your premises. 

    Please always thoroughly check the description of each product to be certain what is and what isn’t included in the price. If you still have concerns there is a box for comments on your order that you can complete as you send your order and that can be used to clarify what you require and we will contact you if we need to before processing your order.

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  • Can I discuss what I want as I am not certain which versions of products are right for me?

    Of course. Buying from Continental is all about the advice we provide on our product range. We would rather not sell you anything than sell you something that isn’t suitable for you.

    The easiest way to make an enquiry before purchasing is to add all the items you may want to an “Enquiry” rather than a “Basket”. When you submit your enquiry we will receive it and call you to discuss. Before we call you we will be able to see everything you are considering purchasing so we can have all relevant information to hand before we call you back.

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  • I need a formal quotation before I can buy. Can you provide one?

    Many of our customers need formal quotations for various reasons such as funding submissions, insurance claims, for committees to sign off before purchase. We are happy to provide a formal quotation which details product prices, descriptions, images, prices and terms of trade.

    The easiest way to ask for a quotation is to make an enquiry by adding all the items you require to an “Enquiry” rather than a “Basket”. When you submit your enquiry please state in the information box that you would like a formal quotation. We will then either email a quotation to you or sometimes we may need to call you to clarify something first.

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  • Why are some products shown as “Price on Application”?

    We have priced as many products as possible on our website. If something is £POA this is because either there are so many possible combinations of the product and so many variations of extras that may be needed with it that it would be very confusing (or impossible) to show on the website.

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  • Where can I find your Terms & Conditions of trade?

    You can read our Terms and Conditions of trade for products sales here and you can download a PDF copy of our Ts&Cs here.

    We have separate Terms and Conditions of trade for maintenance work which you can download from here.

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