Airtrack tumbling piste

A fantastic tumbling aid for any temporary or permanent gym setup - the Continental Airtrack inflatable tumbling piste

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We have been asked by leading coaches and clubs for some time to supply a Continental quality air-track. Well now we are pleased to be able to bring you the best quality inflatable tumble track on the market today - The Continental Air Track. If your club does not have the space to have a fibre rod tumble track set out permanently, or if you share your space with other clubs (such as in a sports hall) then an inflatable tumble track, or "air track" would be ideal for you.

Also, as a training device or to supplement your fibre rod track in a permanent gymnastic facility, an inflatable air track provides interest and learning opportunities to ensure your gymnasts thoroughly enjoy their gymnastics and keep coming back for more.

This track is of a significantly higher quality than others available on the market. The extra investment in a Continental Air Track will quickly be rewarded by the quality of the apparatus and the reaction and improvement in your gymnasts tumbling.

The Continental Air Track has a huge number of features which make this the best airtrack available:

  • Hi-power fan
  • Higher maximum pressure than other tracks
  • Set up time (including inflation) of under 5 minutes
  • Zip in the end cap permits full deflation in seconds
  • Manufactured from rugged PVC coated polyester throughout to avoid snags and reduce air leakage and wear
  • Acoustically lined fan enclosure on castors for easy set up ensures the rest of the gym users are not distracted by a noisy fan

Made to order in a huge number of colour variations to suit your gym - 22 colour options for each of 3 areas giving thousands of different bespoke colour options to suit your team colours. On receipt of your order we will send you a colour selection sheet for you to identify the combination of colours you prefer. We would then be pleased to provide you with a computer generated mock-up of the airtrack in your choice of colours before manufacturing your track

Available in 12 different sizes to suit the space you have available: You have a choice of two widths - 3m or 3.5m and 6 lengths - 10m, 12m, 14m, 16m, 18m or 20m. All the tracks are 500mm thick when inflated.

Upgrade price from 3m to 3.5m is well worth the small additional investment.

*** We have a demonstration Airtrack and Catcher available should you wish to try before you buy.  Please contact Continental to arrange a demo ***

Continental "Catcher" for Airtrack
Continental "Catcher" for Airtrack

Inflatable landing module designed for the Airtrack but suitable for a number of landing uses



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