Seller FAQs

What is Marketplace?

Marketplace is a website run by Continental which brings together buyers and sellers of quality second-hand gymnastics and other related equipment. When a club successfully sells their equipment Continental will give that seller credit to the value of the equipment sold plus a 10% bonus, that credit can be used for making purchases of new equipment from Continental.

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Who is Marketplace for?

Marketplace is ideal for gym clubs and other sports clubs wanting to replace old equipment. The site is a free-to-use online store through which they can sell their equipment to like-minded clubs and individuals.

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Does Continental charge a sellers fee?

No, Continental is simply a facilitator putting sellers and buyers together. It does not charge any fee to buyer or seller. The contract for the sale and purchase of equipment is solely between seller and buyer.

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How do I start selling?

  1. Register your details.
  2. Upload pictures, a description and the price of the equipment you want to sell to the Marketplace website.
  3. That's it.

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What is the purchase process?

  1. When a buyer wants to purchase your goods they enter their details and make payment online to Continental.
  2. Continental acts as a trusted third party by confirming to the seller that the buyer has made payment for the equipment being sold.
  3. Following payment, it is for the seller and the buyer to make arrangements directly between themselves for the delivery of the equipment.
  4. Once the buyer confirms that the equipment has been received and that it conforms to its given description, Continental will make the credit available to the seller to spend with Continental.

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How long is my credit valid?

Your credit is valid for one year from date the buyer confirms receipt of goods.

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Can I use my credit against other Marketplace goods?

No, you can only use your credit against new products sold by Continental at list price.

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Can individuals sell items on Marketplace?

Yes, anyone selling quality used gym and sports equipment can use Marketplace.

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Who is responsible for delivery of goods?

It is the seller's responsibility to determine whether goods are to be delivered to, or picked up by, the buyer. It will therefore be the seller's responsibility to determine the cost of any delivery. In some circumstances, Continental may be able to arrange pickup and delivery for a reasonable charge. Please contact us for more information. The seller will be under no obligation to deliver or make available goods for pick up until Continental has received payment in full. Continental has no liability in respect of delivery of goods bought within Marketplace. Important: The seller must inform Continental by email and without delay of the date that the equipment has been either picked up by the Buyer or have been picked up by the Seller's appointed carrier (and, in such case, the date of expected delivery).

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Who determines the price of my equipment?

You, as the seller of the goods, determine the price. You can either give a fixed price or leave it opens to offers.

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Who do I contact if I have a complaint?

If you have an issue with the buyer concerning a transaction this must be resolved between yourself, as seller, and the buyer. If you have any issue with Continental please contact us at

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What about VAT?

If you are liable to VAT or other such sales tax, it is your responsibility to ensure that the price displayed for your goods is inclusive of VAT. Continental will have no responsibility to either the seller or the buyer in relation to any VAT obligations of any nature in relation to any transaction concluded through the Marketplace website.

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Can I sell goods overseas?

At the moment the Marketplace website can only be used for sales and purchases within the UK.

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I have forgotten my login details.

If you forget your login username or password you can retrieve them by clicking the appropriate link on the login page.

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Can the buyer get a refund?

Continental will only refund any payment if the buyer and seller agree in writing between themselves that a refund is to be made. Any such refund agreement must be presented to Continental before a refund can be made.

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If you have any questions about Markplace or need further help please contact customer services.