Trampoline instruction videos


Trampolining is a spectacular sport that can require a top trampolinist to reach heights of 10 metres whilst performing multiple somersaults and twists.

Trampolining is a fun and challenging activity that is safe if undertaken with the correct training and supervision.  However, the use of heavy trampolines and potentially dangerous movements require good knowledge of how to set up and use trampolines.

Continental is regularly asked to demonstrate how to set up and fold-away trampolines.  To prevent you having to incurr the cost of a visit from one of our technicians, we are pleased to offer a set of instructional videos to show you the basics of how to set up and put away our trampolines.

As well as our own videos and instruction manuals, we have provided a full page of resources for trampolining including resources from British Gymnastics, the National Governing Body of Trampolining, and AfPE, the Association for Physical Education.

These videos do not subsitute for proper training - please contact British Gymnastics for details of offical training which is imperative before you use one of our trampolines - but they help familiarise you with Continental trampolines if you are used to another type of trampoline.

Please click here to see our videos and other trampolining resources.

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