Artistic gymnastics sprung floor - passes rigorous new testing regime


Continental Sports is delighted to announce that our artistic gymnastics sprung floor has recently been tested and re-certified by the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG) for use at all levels of competition.

All gymnastics equipment that is to be certified by the FIG must be sent to the “GymLab” Gymnastic Equipment Test Laboratory at the institute for sports and sport science at the University of Freiburg in Germany.

The equipment is then tested scientifically to ensure it complies with the dimensional characteristics and performance norms specified by the FIG.

Recently the method of testing artistic sprung gymnastics floors has been changed to make the test more rigorous and comprehensive.  Continental is the first company in the world to submit a floor for certification under this new testing regime, and having passed the test, we are the only company in the world to have an FIG certified artistic gymnastics sprung floor that has been tested under the new testing regime.

The new tests take a 3m x 2m section of floor area comprised of parts of four interlocking floor panels.  GymLab’s technicians then drop test the floor using a bespoke test rig incorporating accelerometers and force meters – a total of 18 locations around that 3m x 2m section of floor are tested, with each point being subject to 10 drops of a 20kg weight and the compression, rebound and impact force being tested and the mean values of all test points calculated.

The tolerances are extremely tight and are measured very accurately – the mean compression of the floor on impact must be less than 75mm, the mean rebound of the mass dropped on it must be between 245mm and 335mm and the impact force experienced by the mass as it hits the floor must be less than 3900N.

Our floor area is available in standard FIG dimensions (14m x 14m) or any other size or shape to suit your facility - for example the image above shows a 28m x 14m special size floor in the McTaggart Centre in Dundee.  See here for further details but please call us for discussions should you require a bespoke solution.

In addition to our FIG approved artistic gymnastics sprung floor, we also offer a Continental Performance floor.  That floor has a greater compression and a greater rebound with a lower impact force making it ideal for training gyms.  The Continental Performance floor puts lower forces on gymnasts’ joints and provides a softer and springier floor with characteristics more suited to developing gymnasts in a training environment than an FIG approved floor.

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