Sebastien Foucan and Oxygen Freejumping join forces


Continental Sports has recently completed the installation of a trampoline park system for Oxygen Freejumping at their first site in Acton, West London.  The park includes Continental's ModuBlox system for Parkour / Freerunning in addition to an obstacle course located over an extensive foam filled pit, as well as Continental's in-house developed trampoline park equipment.

Following the recently announced partnership between Sebastien Foucan and Oxygen Freejumping, the Acton site will feature the first "Foucan Freerunning Academy".

For further information on Continental's trampoline park equipment please click here, and for further information on Continental's ModuBlox, designed for Freestyle Gymnastics, Parkour and Freerunning, please click here.

The announcement of the exciting partnership between Sebastien Foucan and Oxygen Freejumping is below:




The founder of Freerunning, Sebastien Foucan, who is also famous for being part of the iconic opening scene in James Bond’s Casino Royale, has partnered with Oxygen Freejumping, the UK’s first chain of trampoline parks, to give children and adults the opportunity to experience freerunning ‘Foucan’ style.

A dedicated 3,000 square foot obstacle course will be used by Foucan to offer the freerunning facilities alongside the 150 connected trampolines on the main floor. The first Foucan Freerunning Academy will be at Oxygen Freejumping in Acton, West London, when it opens to the public on July 20, 2015. All future Oxygen Freejumping parks across the UK will host Foucan Freerunning Academies.

Sebastien Foucan says: "I am very excited to be collaborating with Oxygen Freejumping to create a new experience of Freerunning. What I am passionate about is developing an environment where people can play with freedom because for me, Activity is Vitality.

“Oxygen Freejumping shares my vision and we are on a fantastic journey together."

Oxygen Freejumping will be London’s first trampoline park, and, along with the massive freejumping area the venue will be also feature Dodgeball courts, a giant air bag, “walk the wall trampolines”, basketball hoops and tumble tracks. Regular sessions offered will include Family Bounce, Teen Takeovers, Little 0’s for toddlers, fitness sessions on the park and in a dedicated rebounding studio, a professional trampolining academy for aspiring gymnasts and holiday camps.

Oxygen Freejumping Founder, David Stalker, added: “We’re delighted to partner with Sebastien Foucan and Freerunning to offer nationwide Freerunning Academies across all of our Oxygen sites.  We’re looking forward to introducing a new means of moving so adults and children will be able to enjoy the very best in bouncing, jumping and freerunning. Sebastien will be an integral part of the design team across all of our sites, ensuring we have the very best Freerunning facilities alongside all of our other activities.”

Freerunning classes are open to the public from July 20, 2015 at Oxygen Freejumping, West Acton. 


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Oxygen Freejumping was founded by Fred Turok, founder of LA fitness and Dave Stalker, former CEO at ukactive.

Formed in late 2014, Oxygen Freejumping is the first national chain of trampoline parks across the United Kingdom.

Trampoline Parks were first conceived in the USA, with the first indoor park established in 2004 in Las Vegas. Over 450 parks are now open and operating across the USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe, with an additional 100 new clubs forecast to be opened in 2015.

Trampoline parks are typically between 18,000 to 30,000 square feet featuring interconnected trampolines stretching literally from the floor up towards the ceiling, providing a unique wall to wall bouncing experience that can be enjoyed by anyone no matter age, size, fitness level or experience.


Sébastien Foucan is the founder of Freerunning and pioneer of Parkour. Well known for being part of the iconic opening scene on top of a crane in James Bond’s Casino Royale, Sébastien is a global ambassador for the Freerunning discipline and has established his own Foucan Freerunning Academy to pass on his personal philosophy and skills.

Sébastien was part of a group of friends in Lisses, (France) in the 1980’s, who developed an obstacle led style of play which they named ‘parcours’ after the military training, ‘parcours du combattant’. In 2001, Sébastien choreographed, managed and performed his first Freerunning show in Frankfurt, Germany.

Sébastien came to prominence in the UK in 2003 with the Channel 4 documentary ‘Jump London’ which featured Sébastien and his friends Freerunning across the city’s famous landmarks. A subsequent documentary, ‘Jump Britain’ aired in 2005 and included Sébastien jumping the retractable roof of Cardiff’s Millenium stadium. Sébastien appeared in the music video for Madonna’s 2005 single, ‘Jump’, and went on to accompany Madonna on her 2006 Confessions Tour.

It was also in 2006 that Sébastien made his acting debut, starring as Mollaka in the 21st James Bond film; Casino Royale. In 2008, Sébastien’s first book Freerunning – Find Your Way was published. The book highlights the philosophies and values behind freerunning and how they can be applied to your daily life. Following the success of Casino Royale, Sébastien went on to star in The Tournament (released in 2009) playing the role of assassin Anton Bogart.

Since 2011, Sébastien has established his own Foucan Freerunning Academy in London and has become an accomplished inspirational speaker for corporations, international governing bodies, sports clubs and schools.

In 2014, Sébastien was elected as President of Parkour UK and is a proud ambassador for the discipline.

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