Spieth Gymnastics from Continental


For several years Continental has been proud to offer the J&F brand of gymnastics equipment in the UK.

J&F and Spieth have been sister companies within the JF International Group for some time and their gymnastics equipment has been identical other than branding for a number of years. The two brands have been promoted in different countries but not in competition in any region - with the J&F brand being used in the UK.

During 2016 the JF International Group decided to focus their gymnastics equipment business under one brand - "Spieth" and no longer to use the J&F brand for gymnastics equipment.

Continental will continue to offer this prestigious gymnastics equipment under the Spieth brand.

A large proportion of the Spieth range is available on our website but at the moment we do not show all items. We do offer the complete Spieth range, so if you see anything on their website: Spieth Gymnastics that you cannot locate on our website, please do not hesitate to contact a Continental sales advisor on 01484 542 051 for pricing and information.

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