Super SAM 245 portable backstop

Schelde SAM 245 portable basketball backstop

Product Reference : CS_S6S0810

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The Schelde Super SAM 245 portable basketball backstop is the ideal competition standard Super SAM unit for use when space is limited and the FIBA 1 Super SAM 325 will not fit in your facility.  Typically used as cross court goals for training on side-courts.

The Super SAM 245 is provided as a complete portable backstop unit with a 245 cm projection and is FIBA approved to Level 3.  The goal features:

  • Spring Assisted Mechanism for one-person set-up
  • Dynamic Stability Frame ("DSF") one-step set-up system
  • Tempered glass backboard
  • 180° multidirectional breakaway ring
  • Anti-whip net;
  • Safety padding to front, sides, backboard and neck in standard Schelde blue colour
  • Floor connector set and floor hook are included (installation extra)

There are various options / versions of this goal available:

  • Manual DSF instead of automatic DSF (needed for certain hall lengths - see Specifier Information Tab above)
  • Extra ballast weight. Needed if the unit cannot be floor fixed
  • Padding is included in Schelde blue, but is available as an option in black, red, orange, yellow or green
  • Shotclock brackets (2 or 4 sided shot clocks)
  • Additional ballast in the base if floor anchoring is not possible
  • LED strip on the backboard (compatible scoreboard system is required)

Which SAM goal is suitable for me?

This important decision is often driven by two key factors:

1) What FIBA level of play do you require?
2) How much run-off do you have available behind your court?

FIBA Level certification

The first consideration is important because if you want to play FIBA Level 1 with a portable backstop, you must purchase the Super SAM 325 goal or the Super SAM Multi-Adjust.  The Super Sam 245 and SAM 225 Club are certified for FIBA Level 3 play.  We also offer wall mounted goals and roof mounted goals from Schelde certified for FIBA Level 2 play. The smaller projection goals - SAM 165 Club and Little SAM are not FIBA certified but are manufactured to the same exacting standards as Schelde's FIBA approved goals.

Hall length

The second consideration is vital because portable goals with large projections are by necessity very large.  They require a large space behind the baseline of the court to accomodate the body of the goal so it is essential that you ensure your hall is large enough to accomodate the units before you order them.  There will be a significant re-stocking charge (or potentially no possibilty to return the goals) if you order portable goals and discover on delivery they do not fit.

To help you confirm the goals that your hall can accomodate we have set out a table below.  The lengths given assume your basketball court is a standard 28m (between the inside of the baselines) and it is centrally located along the length of the hall.  If you have a shorter court or the court is offset then please contact us for bespoke calculations:


Goal typeGoal fits with special anchors*Goal fits with standard anchorsManual DSF / APF is necessary**
Super SAM 325 36.0m - 36.5m 36.5m+ 36.0m - 38.5m

Super SAM Multi-Adjust
(325 position)

36.0m - 36.5m 36.5m+

36.0m - 38.5m

Super SAM Multi-Adjust
(245 position)

34.4m - 34.9m 34.9m+ 34.4m - 36.9m
Super SAM 245

34.4m - 34.9m


34.4m - 36.9m

SAM 225 Club 33.9m - 34.3m 34.4m+ 33.9m - 36.3m
SAM 165 Club 32.7m - 33.2m 33.2m+ 32.7m - 35.1m
Little SAM Pro 31.6m - 32.1m 32.1m+ na
Little SAM Club 31.5m - 32.0m 32.0m+ na

 * the goal is normally anchored behind the base but with these hall sizes there is not enough room to be able to operate that fixing.  Therefore we will need to modify the goal to permit side fixings, or you will need to purchase additional ballast weight to remove the necessity to anchor it.

** the goals have automatically lowering Dynamic Stability Frames / Automatic Pedestal Feet which retract the wheels automatically as the boom is raised which means the base of the unit must be in the "play" position before the boom is raised.  With these hall sizes the goal fits, but the folded boom arm protrudes too far behind the base to enable the base to be in the "play" position with the boom folded down.  Therefore the unit must be positioned away from the wall, the boom must be raised, the unit pushed back into the "play" position, and the DSF / APF lowered.  The optional manually operated DSF must therefore be purchased in these instances.

Technical information:

We are pleased to provide the following technical information on these goals:

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