33 Series "Team Gym" heavy duty trampette with coverall pads

Trampette - heavy duty model specially designed for the rigors of Team Gym

Product Reference : 23013313SS

Your Price: £592.00

Specially designed for the demands of Team Gym this extra heavy duty trampette is height adjustable and is supplied with a 13mm web bed and 32 steel springs.

The heavy duty steel feet have solid rubber pads over their entire surface, the steelwork is extra-heavy duty and features additional strengthening and bracing plates - all in all, this trampette is as heavy duty as it gets.

Trampette bed spring
Trampette bed spring

Bed spring for a trampette


Coverall pads for 33 trampette
Coverall pads for 33 trampette

Coverall pads for 33 Series trampette complete with lace


Trampette beds - solid nylon bed for 55 Series trampette
Trampette beds

Replacement trampette beds for our range of trampettes


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