Trampoline instructions

Safe operation of your trampoline

Trampolining is a challenging, fun, enjoyable gymnastics discipline which is goverened by the governing body of Gymnastics, British Gymnastics.

However trampolines are large, heavy pieces of equipment with a lot of moving parts, and can cause injury to people setting them up or putting them away unless they are properly trained.  Trampolines must be set up and put away correctly in accordance with British Gymnastics guidelines and instructions from the manufacturer.

Trampolining Resources

British Gymnastics resources

British Gymnastics offer useful documents providing guidance on the setting up and folding away of trampolines and the matting necessary around trampolines:

Association for Physical Education (AfPE) resources

Continental Sports resources

Video instruction manuals

We are pleased to show below videos demonstrating how easy it is to set up and fold away trampolines correctly if you follow the instructions.  If you follow the instructions as demonstrated in the videos, setting up and folding away your Continental trampolines will quickly become second nature.

We have shown three videos below.  The first shows the smaller school model "77 Series" trampoline on fixed height roller stands.  The second shows the larger club model "99 Series" (which is the same size as the competition model "101 Series") on Safelift hydraulically assisted roller stands.  If you have a 77 Series trampoline on Safelift stands or a 99/101 Series on fixed height stands you will need to combine the method from both videos.  The third video shows how to attach the end deck spotting platforms to your trampoline.

77 Series School model trampoline on fixed height roller stands:



99 Series Club model / 101 Series Competition model trampoline on hydraulically assisted "Safelift" roller stands:



End deck spotting platforms:

End deck spotting platforms with elevated wedge mats are strongly recommended to be used with all trampolines.  This video shows how to attach them to a Continental 99 / 101 Series trampoline.  The end decks attach in exactly the same way to 77 Series school model trampolines but the platforms and mats are designed to be angled upwards away from those smaller trampolines when in use.



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